For Process Packaging applications we specialize

in providing gas compression systems for industrial

gas, chemical, petrochemical and refinery applications. These gas applications typically include Hydrogen, nitrogen, helium and sour or acid gas feed streams.  Our preferred choice, Ariel compressors, are of the reciprocating type with either lubricated or non-lubricated cylinders


These are moderate speed compressors meeting

the demands of API-618 for critical service. API-618 has defined these compressor applications as having an expected uninterrupted operation of at least 3 years  (as design criteria)





Ariel has developed a line of compressors to meet

demands for longevity and reliability dictated within

API-618. This includes moderate speed application,

low piston speeds, component design and materials

selections, piston wear band loading and emissions

control capabilities.



Special Projects:


Please visit the website for detailed

information on the process packages engineered

and packaged by Conpacksys